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Update on legislation for SB 229 and HB 307

Posted almost 6 years ago by Hollie Crutchfield

Hi everyone,

We have wonderful news to update you on the progress of our bill to expand our prescriptive priviledges! Our bill was passed in the Senate Health Committee this past Wednesday. The bill will move to the Senate floor for debate and vote. We have positive feedback that it should pass easily in the Senate. It will then move to the House Health Committee in the next 1-2 weeks. We were not sure of an exact date yet. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED FROM EVERYONE NOW AND AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We need each and everyone of our practicing NP's to call, email and write the below Health Committee members to ensure we have as much support in the House as we did in the Senate. Our lobbyist recommended contacting them all 3 ways if possible. Just a short note or phone call asking them to please support House Bill 307 (HB 307). Again, if anyone can go with us to Montgomery to show support for the House Health Committee - that would be so helpful as well. I don't have the definite date on that yet but I will get it out to everyone as soon as we know. It was an amazing experience watching history in the making.

If everyone didn't get a chance to read Tim Byrum's (President Elect of the NPAA) letter regarding this issue, please see a copy of it below. Most of us have seen that there has been negative reaction on the part of the BON, NPAA and other nursing entities regarding allowing the BOME to oversee our DEA certificate and this gives great insight into this issue. Please feel free to call myself or Nancy Turnham if you have any questions or concerns.


Letter from President Elect, Tim Byrum

Posted 1 day ago by Joy Deupree


Dear Fellow Providers,

For several years, we have searched for a way to expand our prescriptive privileges in Alabama. Many meetings, hours of dedicated and volunteered time, and the best expertise we could find have been utilized. For the last 2 years, I have been involved with the NPAA and have worked with all the NP Regional groups in Alabama to determine what we want, what we are willing to do, and what we will accept. After exhaustive surveys, many personal and group conversations, and the invitation of all parties to present the best case scenarios, 15 or 16 regional representatives voted to support House Bill 307 or Senate Bill 229.

I have asked every question of every person that I can think of for a better way to achieve our goal. Nobody, including AANP, ASNA leadership, or Alabama Board of Nursing, can give me a plan of action that will help us move forward in our quest. The recurring answer is we do not want to give any more “power” to the BME. While I love the practice of nursing and have tried to make it a better profession, I live in a real world and also know how politics work in this Great State. The message has been delivered from your state’s political leaders that no legislation will be passed to allow the BON to administer a DEA program in Alabama. The AANP has flooded your emails with attempts to make you feel they have a better way, but when I ask, the only answer I get is “nurses should not be under the board of medicine”. This was decided 20 years ago when we were given prescriptive privileges and the same process continues today. We must have a collaborative practice in order to practice as a NP in this state.

The bills proposed and before us now will expand the practice we all now participate in except for a few government employees that are exempt. While “having it all” would be great, I for one am tired of not being able to provide my patients with the care I have been trained and certified to deliver. I am also currently working with members of the government to expand our roles and be recognized as providers in Alabama that would give us reimbursement form PEEHIP and BCBS. Passage of this bill would go a long way in helping make that happen. This is a time we as nurses should stick together not fight for personal preferences. All I ask is that you, as my peers, consider the whole picture and support both of these bills.

Tim Byrum



***Here is all the info we have for the House members***

HOUSE HEALTH Committee   Alabama House of Representatives Alabama State HouseMontgomery, AL 36130 Chair: Jim McClendonjimmcc@windstream.net 334-242-7768 Vice Chair: Mike Millicanmike.millican@alhouse.gov334-242-7534Ranking Minority Member: John KnightNo email334-242-7512 w: (334) 229-4286 Elaine Beechelainebeech83@gmail.com334-242-7702Donnie Chesteendchesteen@panhandle.rr.com334-242-7742Berry Forteberry.forte@alhouse.gov334-242-7553Laura HallNo email334-242-7688 w: (256) 859-2234 Ed HenryNo email334-242-7736 w: (256) 260-2146 Ron JohnsonNo email334-242-7777 h: (256) 249-9489 Joe Hubbardjoe@hubbardcoleman.com334-242-7707Paul Leepwlee@graceba.net334-242-7675Becky Nordgrenclearimagesal@earthlink.net334-353-9032James Pattersonjimpattersonhd21@gmail.com334-242-7531Allen Treadwaybsketa@aol.com334-242-7685April WeaverNo email334-242-7731 Committee Clerk: Mary Ruth Davis  334-242-4753